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If you’re here, you’re already one us.
But you’re definitely a GLUGirl if you...

GLU Was Created By Real Life GLUGirl Lila Parish, and her mom/BFF Jann

A total boss babe herself, Jann has led marketing teams at huge companies like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, and as Lila got older, they knew they had to bring a passion project of their own to life. So they teamed up to create Girls Like You, a wellness and beauty brand focused on the reality of being a teenager. By creating GLU, they want to help girls aged 12 to 18 see that—while it’s totally awkward and sometimes cringe-worthy—growing up can also be a lot of fun, especially when you’re surrounded by the girls like you.

Girls Care

Giving back is at the heart of GLUGirls Like You. Every wellness or beauty kit we sell benefits Girls Inc and GlamourGals. Two brilliant and #GLUgirl worthy organizations.


Amy Keller Laird

A writer and editor with a ton of experience in health, wellness and beauty, Amy led Women's Health as Editor-in-Chief and served as Beauty Director of Allure, where she tried thousands of beauty products a year, making her the go-to in the space for finding what works. Knowing that beauty is inside and out, Amy has created a mental health advocacy platform for Gens Y & Z.


Lauren Oertel

A trained manicurist with a creative eye, Lauren’s love of art has translated into a pretty bad a-- job. She has also taught the GLU team all we know about caring for your nails.


Chelsie Casagrande & Alexa Sibberson
aka Pasta Social

Two amazing GLUGirls living in Columbus, OH who are doing it themselves – need world-class photography? Chelsie has you covered. Looking to dream, write and create? Enter Alexa. Together, this dream team helps startups like ours grow up alongside you and your crew.


Kris Cipriano

A Designer that creates thoughtful experiences through, Brand Identity, Print, Digital Design, Motion graphics, & Production. Kris’ work varies from digital advertising by day and fashion + beauty by night. She believes the best creative comes from a collaboration of different thinkers and works alongside Lionel on many creative projects.

Lionel Cipriano

An Art Director that plays an active role in driving creative processes, from initial brainstorming to final layout and design. Lionel’s work encompasses everything from editorial, commercial photo shoots, design, branding, and consulting in the fashion industry and various premium lifestyle companies.

Bess Kennedy

Bess is part of a two-person leadership team creating world-class ecommerce solutions. With an eye on the aesthetics and a true vision for consumer experience, she is a leading creator in the digital space.