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New nail shades sweet enough to eat...but don’t.

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Girls Like You (aka GLU) was created with Y-O-U in mind and what makes you sit up and pay attention. Sometimes growing up can feel like a big poke in the eye, so why go it alone?

We Heard You...

Build Your Own GLU Nail Kit

They're here! We've created 3 perfect DIY nail kits just for Y-O-U! Choose between 1, 3 & 5 colors + receive all the tools needed for the perfect mani!

Make it Your Own
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Girl Care
Definition: The act of caring for Y-O-U
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Everyone’s talking about clean beauty, but what does it even mean? Is it just a fad? Is it a hoax? What makes a product “clean?” There’s so many questions surrounding this topic, but have no fear, GLU’s got Y-O-U!
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