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Girls Like You

(We care for Y-O-U with tips, how-tos and the best in clean personal care)
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Girls Like You (aka GLU) was created with Y-O-U in mind and what makes you sit up and pay attention. Sometimes growing up can feel like a big poke in the eye, so why go it alone?

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The GLU Girls Like You 
Nail Kit

We believe taking care of yourself should be fun and well, a taste of freedom. Let’s figure this out together, starting with something creative that allows you to stand strong in your own skin.

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Girl Care
Definition: The act of caring for Y-O-U
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The GLUGirl Guide

So Much More Than a Makeover
This year for Giving Tuesday, we’ve partnered up with GlamourGals, a national organization that connects girls like you with seniors living in residential care to bring out the best in each other.
It’s Ok to Feel Lonely (But We’ll Try to Help!)
Has COVID-19 made you sick? We don't mean physically (though we hope that hasn't happened, either). We're talking loneliness which can cause all kinds of unexpected problems. Learn how it happens—and what you can do in this 6-feet-apart world to feel connected again.
Nails or Netflix, Why I Choose Nails
You've gotta check out Girls Like You's new Nail Kit. Five pretty polishes, a remover that doesn't stink, the tools a pro manicurist would use—all in a special box that stands your phone upright so you can paint along with our tutorial, take a pic, listen to a podcast, or even FaceTime while you paint!