Friendships & Relationships

So Much More Than a Makeover
This year for Giving Tuesday, we’ve partnered up with GlamourGals, a national organization that connects girls like you with seniors living in residential care to bring out the best in each other.
We’ve Got 5 Really Good Reasons Why YOU’ll Want To Be A #GLUGirl
What’s a #GLUGirl and why should you care? We’re a community focused on creating the best you while sharing your know-how with other girls like you. Plus, you can pick up some free stuff along the way!
Building Business & a Teen Community: Meet Teen Boss Babes
It’s not everyday you hear about teens successfully starting their own companies; just as it takes courage to grow up, it takes courage to be an entrepreneur while still figuring things out! Teen Boss Babes founder Paola Ochoa and her right-hand woman Paula Quinones sat down with us to talk about their growing company. 
Friendship Flaws to Look Out for on the Path of Life
You may find yourself making new friends, losing contact with old ones, and deciding to end a friendship for your own good. Don’t worry, those may sound scary but, like growing up, you’ve got this under control!