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We’ve Got 5 Really Good Reasons Why YOU’ll Want To Be A #GLUGirl

Have you seen those TikToks where they talk about THAT GIRL? The one who always eats well, dances, plays lots of sports, gets good grades, always washes her face, loves her family, has her own business and still plays with her little brother? 

It’s a bonkers idea that anyone could be all those things at once; pieces of them sure, but all?

That’s where GLU and the #GLUGirl Group come in - we help you to love YOU, and help you find new ways to grow along the way. We’re a friend, a ride-or-die, a confidante as some say! What we do know is that it takes a Girl Like You to have the courage to dive into the weirdness of growing up. 

So now the “kk - why join?” Well, we have 5 reasons why you’ll want to come along:


     1. Your voice matters - to us & to other girls like you

GLU stands for Girls Like You. We also stand for girls like you. To be a #GLUGirl, you don’t need to fit into any specific box, in fact, the only box you should have in your life is the Mani Kit! A GLUGirl is strong, powerful, and knows that going through it alone just isn’t the right way to do it. And since you’re reading this right now, chances are you already are a #GLUGirl and you’re one step closer to finding more Girls Like You. 


     2. We give the straight tea

We give you the straight No-BS-No-Beat-Around-The-Bush tea about growing up. 

If we had to put a finger down for the number of embarrassing things we did as teens, well, let’s just say we’d have no nails left to paint. Point is, you’re not alone. Whether it’s a hard topic like battling mental health, or a casual one like choosing what outfit to wear to school, we’ll have it covered.


     3. You like to win, try, and earn cool new stuff

The #GLUGirl Group really is the best of both worlds. You get to make new friends from around the world, earn your favorite GLU nail polishes for (10-)free, test out products before we launch them, and even get some surprise goodies because hey, we think you’re pretty cool! 

We’re a business, but more importantly, we’re a community where you can come to feel heard. Let’s stick together to do this thing.


     4. You’ve got big ideas

There’s no time like the present to share your ideas no matter how big or small. Our #GLUGirls are go-getters full of wonderful ideas, and we want to make sure they are heard. Who knows, your future best friend or business partner could be waiting for you right now! 

You’ve got GOALS, girl!


     5. GLU = New friends

We have #GLUGirls from all over the world- the U.S., France, Hong Kong, just to name a few. You won’t need a penpal anymore when your new friend lives over 3,000 miles away! From GLU to YOU, we’ve found your crew, squad, group, whatever you want to call it, all you have to do is join. 

The #GLUGirl Group is an amazing opportunity to learn all sorts of new things you never thought you would as a teen.

As our program grows, we’re hoping to offer more opportunities to expand professional and creative skill sets, a platform where all #GLUGirls can meet each other, and more rewards for the bada-- things #GLUGirls do, like supporting our content and sharing with friends! Don’t be afraid to give us suggestions too- we know it’s good advice if it’s from girls like YOU. 


We know growing up is tough, so why go it alone? We’re here, and we’ve been waiting for you to join us! Some call it fate, others call it chance, we call it a golden opportunity!

Sounds interesting? Then you’ve definitely come to the right place, and we’re so excited to meet YOU!

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