Health & Wellness

#GLUGirl Guide to SPF & Essential Skin
(Light Blocking) Protection
Summertime is the best; lazy days on your phone and time in the sun. Perfect, only both emit harmful rays that are bad for you and your skin. We have created a little guide to light damage to walk you through what you need to know to live your best summer and beyond. 
It’s Ok to Feel Lonely (But We’ll Try to Help!)
We're talking loneliness which can cause all kinds of unexpected problems. Learn how it happens—and what you can do in this 6-feet-apart world to feel connected again.
Mindfulness, The GLUGirl Way
Want to feel calmer, do better in school, be more creative? Rhetorical question. The route to all three is mindfulness, and we're going to explain how to make this ancient wellness practice modern—and part of your every day.
Just Breathe
Before you roll your eyes or tune back to TikTok, hear us out: Meditation doesn't have to mean sitting on a yoga mat and reaching some kind of spiritual nirvana. Plus, it's got a whole lot of de-stressing and feel-happy benefits. C'mon—give it a chance.