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#SpaceGirl Brielle is Reaching for the Stars in her Acting Journey

In light of our newest #SpaceGirl Nail Launch, we interviewed #GLUGirl Brielle Lopez who is a young aspiring actor. Brielle is pursuing her acting dream, and has already booked various commercials as she begins her career. 

Read on about Brielle’s acting journey, her biggest inspiration, and advice she has for fellow #GLUGirls pursuing their own acting career! Brielle is reaching new heights and opening her world to limitless possibilities, just as a #SpaceGirl should!

GLU: When did you know you wanted to pursue your acting career?

Brielle: I knew I wanted to pursue my acting career after I booked my first commercial. When I first did it, I loved being around people, I loved meeting them, and I just thought [the commercial] would be a great way to keep [acting] and it would be fun!


GLU: What's your favorite part about being an actress?

Brielle: My favorite part about being an actress is that I get to play different roles, like I get to play mostly sweet girls, maybe sometimes mean girls, or scary girls, older girls, and I just think it’s really fun to give out my emotions and just play that. 

GLU: Who is your biggest acting inspiration?

Brielle: My biggest acting inspiration would have to be Miranda Cosgrove because I think she’s a really, really good actor. When I see her scenes, they look really real and I want mine to look as natural as hers. I just really want to have that great acting skill she’s got!


GLU: What advice would you give to fellow #GLUGirls looking to start their own acting journey?

Brielle: The advice I would give to my fellow #GLUGirl friends who are trying to pursue their acting career would have to be to just have fun with it! If the lines are too difficult or the scripts are too long to memorize, don’t worry! Just keep on trying, do your best because I know it was hard for me but I kept on trying and eventually I started getting hired! So if you keep on trying [and] working hard, you will get there!

As Brielle continues to grow on her acting journey, GLU wishes her the best of luck, and wants her to know she is a STAR! To our #GLUGirls looking to start their own acting career, remember to channel your inner #SpaceGirl and remember that possibilities are endless when you’re reaching for the stars (especially when you can wear those stars on your nails!) 

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To watch Brielle’s interview, head over to our YouTube channel.

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