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From #GLUGirls to YOU: Back to School Advice

The time has come: it’s officially back-to-school season! Let the shopping hauls begin, filled with stationery, clothing, locker decorations, and self care products (we can help you in that department 🤗.) Each school year is a new beginning, and it’s your time to shine! 

Of course, we know back-to-school can come with a lot of anxieties, so we’ve asked our #GLUGirls for their best advice for going back to school. Whether it's friends, organization, or stress relief, we’ve got advice for you from Girls Like You! We’re all going through it, so let’s hear some advice from our #GLUGirls: 

For Overcoming Back to School Jitters

You’re definitely not alone if you get nervous on the first day of school. What’s everyone going to be wearing? What has everyone been doing over the Summer? Do I have everything I need for school? 

When your mind starts to race, it’s time to take a step back, put on a face mask (our Papaya Loves Pumpkin Mask does the trick), and remember everyone is probably having the same anxieties! When it comes to getting ready for the school year, here’s some great advice:

I always like to have my backpack ready with all my school supplies and my uniform folded and ready to go because I was always anxious for the first day meeting everybody and trying to make new friends.”

  • #GLUGirl Joselin, 21

“Get into the school routine before the first day. It is really important to get into a routine so  having a consistent bedtime and wake up schedule really makes things easier.. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 2 weeks before the first  day of school to set sleep routine habits.”

  • #GLUGirl Brianna 

“Make a list of 5 goals you have for the year which will help you keep a positive mindset about what’s to come and you can look back on it later.”

  • #GLUGirl Lauren, 17

“When you’re shopping for supplies, try to wait until school starts to see what you actually may need to buy. Sometimes the things you buy you may not need and have no use for it at all. Maybe you should just buy the necessary things such as pencils and pens but that’s it.”

  • #GLUGirl Arly, 18

For Managing School and Extracurriculars 

If your day looks a little like this: School, then sports, then extracurriculars, then dinner time, then homework… let’s just say we’ve never seen you and Superwoman in the same room at the same time! The #GLUGirls all have similar remarks for staying organized: Get a planner!

“Make sure you find a good school-fun balance! It is important to do well in school but it is equally important for you to make memories having fun with your friends!”

  • #GLUGirl Marissa, 34 

“Use a planner/time chart to plan your day! Also, join school activities and non-profits! I recommend interns4good for internships!

  • #GLUGirl Caity, 15 

“Get a planner! Physical ones are super cute but Google Calendar or Notion are also very useful. Write down any tests, assignments, etc. so you can stay organized and avoid rushing/stressing out.”

  • #GLUGirl Margarita 

“A planner is your best friend. It helps you keep organized on what needs to be done as well as due dates. If you like paper then get a planner or if you’re more of a digital person then try out an app!”

  • #GLUGirl Lauren

“Keeping up with your classes, a social life, and extracurricular activities can overwhelm anyone. A quick fix to this is to simply keep a planner or agenda. People often try to replace a planner with their phone or laptop, but there is something about physically writing things down that does wonders for remembering important events and homework assignments.”

  • #GLUGirl Brianna 

“Keep all of your work organized and in a safe space where you can easily find it. Sometimes we're struggling and stressing and can misplace things and might not find it when we need it, so make sure to keep it organized!”

  • #GLUGirl Saleha, 14

Hmmm… there seems to be a theme here… is it just us or does buying a planner right now sound really appealing?

For Friendships and Social Life

We saved the best for last! What’s school if you and your best friends don’t get yelled at by your teacher for laughing too much? #GLUGirls are here to remind you to stay true to YOU, and step outside your comfort zone!

“Talk to old friends! If your old friends have new friends try to become friends with them and you might have found a bunch of new besties”

  • #GLUGirl Isabella, 11

“Step outside of your comfort zone! Try new things, make new friends and join clubs!”

  • #GLUGirl Trinity, 15 

“Pick good people to be around and be yourself!”

  • #GLUGirl Corrinne 


As your school year approaches, remember to channel your inner #GLUGirl and reach for the stars! If you follow the advice from our #GLUGirls, you can tell all your friends that you GLU up with GLU! 

Remember to take this school year head on, and remember that YOU can do it. If you’re here and reading this, we already know that you’ll do amazing things in the coming year. Believe in yourself, have confidence, and remember to prioritize your mental and physical health! 

Our #GLUGirls will be heading into their first day of school rocking beautiful manicures and of course, SPF! So, why go it alone? Come along for the ride with GLU! If you’re looking for advice on other topics of growing up, check out our blogs on communication, stress relief, and so much more

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