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Five Key Tips for Creating a Routine
We’ve created a five step list to help you live your best life, and cement that routine you’ve been trying to create! 
From #GLUGirls to YOU: Back to School Advice
The time has come: it’s officially back-to-school season! Let the shopping hauls begin, filled with stationery, clothing, locker decorations, and self care products (we can help you in that department 🤗.) Each school year is a new beginning, and it’s...
Are You Mad At Me?
Let's work together to understand how to best combat what we're calling "bad friend group communication". You know, those nagging feelings of FOMO, social anxiety & the dreaded, "they were all talking about me!" when things don't go the way you wanted in the group text.
Clean Beauty and 10-free Formula: Debunked
Everyone’s talking about clean beauty, but what does it even mean? Is it just a fad? Is it a hoax? What makes a product “clean?” There’s so many questions surrounding this topic, but have no fear, GLU’s got Y-O-U!