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Sravya Attaluri: Artivist, Graphic Designer, #GLUGirl

If you follow our Instagram, @glusticktogether, you’ve definitely noticed the empowering drawings we featured for Valentine’s Day and International Women’s Day. These drawings were done by Sravya Attaluri, owner of @sravya_attaluri on Instagram and

Sravya specializes in graphic design and art that centers around feminism and mental health; she likes to refer to herself as an “Artivist!” We felt it fitting to interview Sravya during Women’s History Month, as she is making history herself. Read more to find out about Sravya, what it’s like being an independent artist in the graphic design industry, and how Y-O-U can pave your own path for your future.  

Give us an intro! Who are you? Where are you from? 


My name is Sravya Attaluri, I’m 25, and I’m currently living in Hong Kong. I'm a third-cultured artist born in India, and grew up in Korea, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles. I studied fine art at the University of Southern California and fell in love with digital design and illustration! I currently work as an independent artist and am also launching my own online store full of bright and colorful mental wellbeing products. 


What inspired your passion for graphic design?


Being third-cultured, I had to learn multiple languages and found it very hard to articulate myself verbally. I was drawn to visual communication as it allows me to communicate more universally without getting trapped in language barriers. I was also drawn to the fact that visual communication and art allows me to express my emotions, educate and motivate others about mental health. 


What was the process of you starting your career and posting your art on Instagram?


Before posting my art on Instagram, I would always try new art mediums and give up after a few days so I started a #100daysofdrawing challenge where I wanted to just hold myself accountable while I practiced drawing. I got hooked and on the way learnt that other people were also positively impacted by my art! 


What is one challenge you face in the graphic design industry?


I rarely see any representation of brown-skinned female artists in the graphic design or fine art industries and it's really discouraging. There isn't enough visibility or promotion of these artists and their stories.

If you had one word of advice for girls wanting to explore their passions/ start a business from their passions, what would you say to them? 


If what you want to doesn't fall into an existing job category, don't be afraid to make your own! You're on the right path if nobody else is doing what you want to do, that makes you unique! Create your own role and your own dream job, you do not need to fall into other's roles if it doesn't cover everything you want to do. You do not need to give up some of your passions, find a way to combine them all!

Photo courtesy of Natalie Chao

Sravya is an inspiring young woman who created her own pathway to success. There’s no such thing as a “straight shot” to success, so make sure you’re doing what you love! If you want to check out Sravya’s art, head over to her socials:

Instagram: @sravya_attaluri


We’re so excited to have Sravya as a #GLUGirl, and can’t wait to see how we grow up together. If you’re new here, don’t worry, GLU is too! If you’re looking for your next favorite product, take it from #GLUGirl Sravya herself, “Definitely get the GLU At-Home Manicure Kit!! It’s got everything to get you started on your healthy nail journey and the design is so well thought-out (including the box itself)! It’s the full GLU experience!”

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