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Getting through stressful times can feel like a task in and of itself, but we’ve got some tips and tricks for becoming your most resilient self. Read on for 5 ways to get your shine back.
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Are You Mad At Me?
Let's work together to understand how to best combat what we're calling "bad friend group communication". You know, those nagging feelings of FOMO, social anxiety & the dreaded, "they were all talking about me!" when things don't go the way you wanted in the group text.
Clean Beauty and 10-free Formula: Debunked
Everyone’s talking about clean beauty, but what does it even mean? Is it just a fad? Is it a hoax? What makes a product “clean?” There’s so many questions surrounding this topic, but have no fear, GLU’s got Y-O-U!
Sravya Attaluri: Artivist, Graphic Designer, #GLUGirl
Check out what #GLUGirl Sravya Attaluri has to say about paving her own path of success and using art to heal herself and those around her.